2 Tips For Working From Home With A Needy Cat

Photo by Marjan Grabowski on Unsplash


Every cat owner knows who’s the boss at home (the cat is obviously), right? And working from home with a feline colleague can be a challenge your cat just won’t leave you alone.

Your home may also be your office, but for your cat, your home is just home. Follow these 2 tips to create the best environment to ensure work productivity and maintain a sweet home for you and your cat. 

Photo by yeoul Shin on Unsplash


1. Build a Cat-Friendly Home Office

Cats are used to having freedom to go anywhere they want. And that includes your lap, your laptop, and your printer. Usually, your cat will want to sit in or on the spot that will be most inconvenient for you at any given time.

Meet your cat’s needs. Try to set up a bed, a perch, a hammock or other cozy spot that your cat can curl up on and still keep an eye on you. Make sure your cat is fed, always has clean water, and has a clean litter box before you start working. While you may never be able to keep your cat off your workspace and completely, bear in mind and enjoy it: Your cat just wants to be near you, and that is one of the best perks of working from home.

Photo by Ioana Tabarcea on Unsplash


2. Keep Your Cat Busy

Since you are busy with work, make sure your cat stays busy too. If your cat is bored, you will quickly become the object of feline attention.

Have a scratching post, toys and other interesting objects to keep it occupied. You can also start a new routine which includes playtime before work starts, and scheduled cat breaks during the workday. Cats will respond to routines, so be consistent.  Another benefit for this is that you can keep your work product intact. After all, nothing is more interesting to a cat than a freshly printed report, spreadsheet or important document. 

Photo by Kim Davies on Unsplash


Whatever happens, focus on the joy that your mere presence brings to your furry friend each and every workday.