Our Story

The Meow-Life Balance:
Meowful Life without keeping a Cat

Meoweirdo’s mission is to help cat person effectively express their love of cats and their own feline identity, even if they are not cat owners. We believe our life can still be full of “cats” even if we cannot keep cats. No cat lovers are left out. We aim to help build the cat lover community with love, peace and joy.



Our (No Cat) Story

We have no cats. Like many cat lovers, we love cats but we cannot keep our own. Keeping cats is a lifelong commitment. We believe we can still be a cat person by surrounding ourselves with “cats”.


However, when searching for cat themed products, we found out most of the items are for cats and cat owners. Being a part of the cat lover community, we feel a bit left out.


This is why Meoweirdo was born. Meoweirdo is an online store leads on convenience and strives to provide a large variety of characteristic cat-themed products to cat lovers. We have new products almost every week. Our next targets are to provide more customized products and involve more in the cat lover community.


3 Core Values

  1. Follow Your Why
    We always think about making our customers happy. We do not blindly follow the crowd. That is why we are a little weird and possibly a little crazy.
  2. Give to Give
    Our passion is adding love, peace and joy to the cat lover community. We listen, understand and feel customers' needs. Then strive to fulfil them.
  3. Keep Things Simple
    No spam or hard sell. Instead, we have simple pricing and promotion campaigns. We avoid unnecessary steps or complexity. This makes sure customers only get essential updates from us and at the same time, keeps our costs lower. 


    Who We Do It With and For

    People who
      • identify themselves as characteristic cat person, having their own style. They may not be able to keep cats.
      • make good use of their time and do not spend too much time searching around for cat themed products.
      • are a bit weird but have a positive mind.


        Photo by Dan Parlante on Unsplash
        Photo by Guillaume Bleyer on Unsplash
        Photo by Jeff Smith on Unsplash