Black Cats is Bad Luck?

Black Cats is Bad Luck?

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In US black cats are often viewed as unlucky, but the Russians, Japanese, Scots, Irish and English don’t feel the same. For them, black cats bring luck and prosperity. In the old days, some sailors even wanted black cats on their ships to bring luck and to take care of any stowaway rodents.

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Black cats were associated with so- called “witches” in the Middle Ages in US. Nowadays, they have been associated with Halloween, especially the classic scared kitty with hunched back and bottle brush tail. Black cats is also a very popular motif in American advertising. They are common for merchants selling everything from hair pomade to motor oil.

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Although black cats actually don’t bring bad luck, they aren’t always so lucky when it comes to finding a forever home. Black cats can be beautiful, but it isn’t always eye-catching in a cage or in a photo on an adoption website. With the addition of the “bad luck” rap, it is not uncommon for black kittens and cats to be at the end of the line for adoption. Some rescues name them “Jellybean” or “Licorice” to improve the situation.

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What is so lucky to keep a black cat? In an era where so many people prefer dark colored clothing, any black fur that you might pick up on your slacks or dress will be much less noticeable. Fewer needs of cat hair remover rollers!


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