Why Does My Cat Follow Me?

Photo by Nicholas Demetriades on Pixabay


Aren't cats independent and aloof? Why does your cat follow everywhere you go? Here is a list of possible reasons for what might be going on.


1. Because they’re hungry

They think meal time may be coming up. So they’ll keep you in sight and wait for you to go to the kitchen. Cats are always excited when you bring them cat food.

Photo by Kriss Chen on Pixabay


2. Because they’ve missed you

If you realize your cat follows you closely after you’ve come back home from work or a trip, this may be due to their uneasy feeling when you were away. Some cats are more attached to their owners, and some even experience separation anxiety – similar to other pets.

Photo by Ibet Andra oPixabay

3. Because they’re curious

What will cats do when there’s no posts to scratch or toys to chase around the house? They may be bored. So they start following you around for entertainment. Maybe you will lead our furry friends to somewhere unusual, then they can explore their new territory. Excited.

Photo by Gundula Vogel oPixabay

4. Because they want your attention

It is one of their ways of asking for help. It is possible that they’re afraid of something or they may be feeling ill. This may change their behaviour. If you suspect something is not right, get in touch with your vet to find out if it is a behaviour problem or a health issue.

Photo by Pexels oPixabay

5. Because they like your company

Some cat breeds like the Ragdoll, Sphynx or the Maine Coon are more sociable and prefer to be in human company. These are similar to dogs.

Photo by Artem Makarov oPixabay

6. What if a stray cat follows you?

Based on the smell, stray cats may be able to tell that you have a moggie at home. It is also possible that they like you. You are their best chance of attention or a meal. 

Photo by Dim Hou oPixabay

But do not to try to rehome a cat before at least checking their collar and scanning it for a microchip. If the cat is owned, their heart-broken owner is probably finding them. Therefore, turn to a rehoming centre to sort out a new family for a stray. They have the expertise to know which environment will best suit our furry friend.